3 Ingredient Chocolate Crackers



While living on a budget, at times I don’t have the resources to make goodies by reaching in my cupboard. During these times, I go back to the days when I was younger and re-create desserts I enjoyed that don’t have many ingredients in them.

The thing I can say about the 3 Ingredient Chocolate Crackers, if you like chocolate covered pretzels but want something a little softer. These will do the trick. These do make great gifts to elderly patients or those who have few to no teeth.


3 Ingredient Chocolate Crackers

1 package of white almond bark
1 package of chocolate almond bark
1 box of ritz round crackers
Sprinkles or dots (optional)

This works best if you have two people doing this at once. Otherwise the process takes longer.

You take each package of almond bark and melt them in separate bowls. Take each cracker one by one dipping into one chocolate half way and laying them spread out on a cookie sheet. Once they set, you dip the other side of the cracker in the other flavor of chocolate. If you choose to, start decorating the chocolate on the crackers. This is optional and can add color and make the chocolate crackers more appealing. I choose mini dots with multi-colors and gold sprinkles.

Once the crackers set up, you can add them to a baggie or bowl. Keep refrigerated till ready to serve.

Photo by Sandy KS aka rusty2rusty.

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